So, you want a puppy? Not going to show it or breed from it so why spend the money to purchase from a registered breeder? Let me tell you why…..Breeding animals should be done to better their linage, full stop! Not to make money or to let you kids experience birth or any other reason whatsoever. Improving the health and temperament of the animals lines and to add a benefit the breed itself are the ONLY reasons our domestic pets should be bred.

By purchasing a dog from a backyard breeder, you are doing all sorts of harm!

1) You are giving a reason (money) to those who do not understand the genetics of their breed, nor do they care about the consequences of unwanted dogs

2) You are giving longevity to “lines” that have no history of health and/or temperament

3) You are encouraging these “average Joe Blows” to continue to make money from a unique breed of dog who needs the understanding and dedication of someone who has a handle on genetics i.e. the registered breeder

SHAR PEI Rescue Inc is currently overflowing with orphaned dogs. At some point in the very near future we are going to have to say no we can’t help him/her due to the vast number of pei currently in our care. And that dog will no doubt be put to sleep before their time.

Yet we look in the paper or on Gumtree and there seems to be a steady flow of BYB’s offering the sale of pups to poor unsuspecting people who don’t realise the damage they are doing to our beloved breed.

PLEASE……before you buy a pup from a breeder who is NOT registered, remember you are adding to the numbers of homeless dogs in the care of SHAR PEI Rescue Inc.

And to you registered breeders out there…….we challenge you to do 2 things:

1) Micro chip each and every pup and dog – before they leave your care

2) Offer a refund of $50 to those who can supply you a letter from a vet stating the pup they purchased from you has been desexed.

Between us, we CAN reduce the number of orphaned dogs (and cats) around Australia……which, by the way resulted in the death of over 200,000 dogs and cats to be euthanized in Australia in 2009.

Please consider……